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Thank you for visiting Discount Business Class Air a subsiderary of The Luxury Travel Group and Luxury Travel Brokers. Our agents all have at least 12 yrs experience in the airline ticket industry. Most have worked for the airlines as reservation agents. Discount Business Class Air agents specialize in finding discount business class and first class international airline tickets on all the major airlines. We do not use 3rd rate airlines with bad service. We use only major airlines from around the world with superb service like Cathay Pacific Airlines, Al Nippon Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air France, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and all the rest of the major airlines. Our agents at Discount Business Class Air will only book flights and schedules that they would fly on themselves and only with a reputable first class or business class service. We offer first class service with total reliability. Our agents offer over 12 years of experience as full fledge travel agents and are multi talented in all aspects of the luxury travel industry providing inside track insight to all destinations. Flying in Business Class or First Class has never been more easy or affordable! We here at Business Class Air make long international flight travel comfortable and easy!

If you are a company or corporation that travels for business let us help your company save big while at the same time flying in total comfort arriving rested and ready or business. Companies that already use our services have cut their corporate travel airfares in half.

Need a quick price quote? Just fill out our simple form to the the right. Let us know your departure city and arrival cities or your complete travel itinerary or airline schedule and we will respond as soon as possible. If you are ready to book or check for the airlines seating availability please fill out our form by clicking on the Request Quote tab above with more detailed information about your travel plans. If you have any questions use the contact form or call us at 1-800-883-5937. If you are over seas or outside the USA call 305-319-1968 and one of out agents will be glad to help you.

Want to see what the major airlines have to offer in their first class or business class cabins? Just search google or the internet for the name of the airline company with the words business class seats or first class seats and compare the differences between flying coach, economy or business or first class. Also you can just click the airline logo below to view some of the seats on the major airlines.

International flights are normally anywhere from 12-18 hrs in flight duration. Example New York to Hong Kong direct is a 15 hr flight and flying in first or business class luxury for half price or less is absolutely priceless! Also being able to sleep in a comfortable seat greatly reduces jet lag.

We here at Discount Business Class Air look forward to servicing your international business or first class reservations and corpoate travel needs.

Thank you!

Discount Business Class Air a subsiderary of The Luxury Travel Group

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